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This week’s workshop is not really a workshop, per se. Because students are working on several different types of projects now, it would not be beneficial to

do a whole-class workshop. Instead, meet with students according to the project format they are working on (paper, documentaries, exhibits, performances or websites). Allow other students to continue to work on their projects until it is their turn to meet with you.


As you meet with each group, discuss the organization of that particular type of NHD project. Last week the students should have looked at several documents that would help them organize their materials. Remind them that they can return to those documents to help them with ideas. Below are guides for each type of project. These guides, created by the Wisconsin Historical Society and National History Day in Wisconsin (thanks, Wisconsin!) are a great tool to help you demonstrate the organizational steps necessary to create a solid NHD project. Go over the packet with each group, then allow them to go put the ideas they have learned into practice.


Students should be aware of approaching deadlines. Remind them that they will need to complete the project outside of class.


Students should also be considering whether they wish to compete or not. While the competition phase of National History Day is a fun way for students to be rewarded for their hard work, it is not required. Encourage your students to participate, as the contest is a great experience and looks great on a college application! In the end, though, students should be allowed to choose whether they will compete or not.

Other documents:

Guide for creating documentaries

Guide for creating exhibits

Guide for creating papers

Guide for creating performances

Guide for creating websites



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