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There is no formal workshop for week 17; instead, this is a chance for your students to work on their projects and get your feedback.

Throughout the class period, try to connect with each group or individual and conference with them about their project. Check these points:

·        Does the project express a clear, strong thesis statement?

·        Does the project give evidence to support the thesis?

·        Is the project balanced in its presentation?

o   Does the project examine the issue from many perspectives or is it one-sided?

·        Does the project show a wide range of research?

o   Is there a balance of primary and secondary source material?

·        Does the project demonstrate analysis and interpretation?

·        Does the project demonstrate an understanding of the historical context?

·        Does the project relate to the annual theme?

·        Is the project visually appealing?

o   Is the material well organized?

·        Can the student(s) defend the thesis?

An evaluation form is available if you would like to give your feedback in a more formal manner. You might also wish to give the evaluation form to the students and let them do a self-evaluation. Encourage students to improve in any areas that are weak before the project is due.


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