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Today will be a work day for your students. They should be finishing up their projects by now, writing their process papers and creating their annotated bibliographies. The end is in sight!


Today also offers an opportunity for you to act as the “quality control” officer. Every year at National History Day contests there are projects with grievous errors and mistakes. One of your roles as the teacher is to point out errors such as spelling and grammar mistakes, factual errors, and neatness issues. Remember, those students who will be competing in a regional competition—or beyond—will be representing your school and classroom. Insist that they fix their mistakes before placing their project before the judges!


There is a checklist available for each type of project. You will find them linked below. Provide each group or individual with a copy of the appropriate checklist and ask them to evaluate their project. This will identify what work remains to be completed.


Next week, students will be presenting their work. Remind them of upcoming deadlines.

Other documents:

Documentary Checklist

Exhibit Checklist

Paper Checklist

Performance Checklist

Website Checklist 


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