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One of the most important elements of a National History Day Project is writing a good thesis statement. A good thesis statement does 3 things:

          1. It tells your reader or viewer what to expect from your project. In a

              sense, it is a roadmap to your project.

           2. It tells your reader or viewer what your position is about your subject.

           3.  It ties your project to the National History Day theme. 


Here are some examples:

     Poor example: I am going to tell you about the Reformation.

     Better example: Martin Luther's 95 Thesis led to the Reformation. He 

                               disagreed with several practices of the Catholic church,

                               including the selling of indulgences and corruption within

                               the church. The development of the Protestant Church, as

                               well as changes within the Catholic Church, were both

                               turning points.


     Poor example: Jackie Robinson was the first black major league baseball


     Better example: Jackie Robinson played baseball at a time when teams

                               were segregated, black from white. With the help of

                               manager Branch Rickey, Robinson brought change to

                               major league baseball when he was signed by the Brooklyn

                               Dodgers, breaking the color


 Try this.... Fit your topic into the following sentence:

            _________________ changed ______________ because...

           Here is an example:

            Jackie Robinson changed major league baseball because when he

            was signed by the Booklyn Dodgers, he became the major league's first

            black baseball player.


You might change your thesis as you work on your project, and that is okay. Let your research be your guide. You will also probably reword your thesis before you complete your project.


Click here to find a worksheet that will help you write your thesis.


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